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About SS03MSTT

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SHADOWSTEALTH03 (SS03) has been around since 2003, started by Will Clark (GREYGHOST, SS03CO). The team had started with 3 core players and has grown through the years. We train in Miliary/ Modern Warfare Tactics and have gone to the Private Military Sector look. We hold our pride as a dedicated MILSIM TACTICAL TEAM and in policing the sport. We take Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty to the highest hilt and expect no less. We are hard chargers and swift on our tactics. We maintain our discipline out on the field and are respected for our demeanor. We are duely noted "To be a force to be reckoned with!."

Our team has a variety of military and prior military personnel, Law Enforcement experience. We are a well rounded team. However, it is hard to find those of the same caliber.

what are we looking for?

1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Must be self-disciplined and reliable.
3. Must have a high standard of Ethics.
4. Must be considered HONORABLE and not without INTEGRITY!
5. MUST have reliable transportation to and from events.
6. Must be willing to travel if and when needed.
7. Must furnish the prescribed uniforms needed for the team.
8. Must have own aegs, mags, gbb pistols, etc.
9. Must have an Email address, phone number and internet access.

The Process

There is a 3 step process that takes place during recruitment. Once an application is submitted and has been approved by Command Staff (CS), Then the applicant must then meet with the team at the next event or training session, which then he becomes a recruit, after which:

1. He must play 3 consecutive games with the team without missing a meeting session. Otherwise his time starts all over again. For example, if recruit A comes out for his first and second session and he misses his third then recruit A will need to start as if he never came out before. Depending on his performance will dictate if he is allowed to come back and try again.(This step can often be ommitted by CS depending on how well the individual performs and his demeanor.)

2. Once that the first step is complete, then the recruit will then becomes a FIELD AGENT upon passing CS approval.
3. Upon completion to Field Operative/ Agent, then he is now on a probationary period of 3 months.( this step can be ommited by CS depending on individual's demeanor and performance.)

4. Once this process is complete, then he is considered a SS03 FIELD OPERATIVE.

If you feel that you carry the above traits, then we are looking for you. It may sound extensive, however it is fairly easy. We recently have had individuals come on and end up flaking on the team, which is why we go through this process. If you can handle this then you will be good to go!

Filling out the application form

To fill out the application form go to http://ss03mstt.board-directory.net
Copy and paste onto an email to SS03MSTT@AOL.COM. Once submitted someone will contact you within a week.



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